Save Money On Real Estate Transactions

Preferred Real Estate Arcadia is quickly becoming the go-to real estate agency in SW Florida because we have found that people love to save money on real estate transactions!

Most realtors charge a 6% commission fee to the sellers at closing, we only charge 4%!

The amount of money this can save may surprise you!  We’ll walk through an example to make this clear in just a second.

And don’t worry if you are in the market to buy real estate, because we have implemented a clever way to allow buyers to save money on real estate transactions as well!

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Sellers: Save Money Selling Your Home By Listing It With Preferred Real Estate Arcadia

When you sell a house you typically pay the realtor 6% of the selling price of the property.  This is the industry standard but is not mandatory!

We only charge 4%!

How much does a 4% fee save sellers compared to a 6% fee?

Let’s take a look at this example real estate transaction to see just how much money you can save by hiring us as your real estate agency!

$300,000 (Selling Price)

x 6% (Typical Commission)

$18,000 (Seller’s Cost)

The buyer pays nothing toward the purchase.  The buyer and seller both have closing costs, each are responsible for their own costs.  Those are typical realtor fees in a nutshell.

What I do, is charge 4% to sellers for selling their house. In Florida all commissions are negotiable. Anyone can charge any amount that they want for their real estate services.

$300,000 (Selling Price)

x 4% (Our Commission)

$12,000 (Seller’s Cost)


This saves the seller $6,000 by listing their $300,000 property with me!

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Buyers: Save Money Buying Your Home By Listing It With Preferred Real Estate Arcadia

When a buyer buys property through our brokerage, I credit them up to 2% of the selling price of the property.

Few realtors will do this because that is their profit. The amount of the credit depends a lot on the details of the transaction, what the lender allows, closing costs, etc. But I always credit the buyer as much as I can to help them out.

The buyer typically gets $0 at closing when they choose me as their realtor:

$300,000 (Purchase Price)

x 2% (My Credit to Buyer)

$6,000 (Savings for Buyer at Closing)


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We’re Flipping The Real Estate Industry Upside Down!

It makes me feel good about what I do for people, that’s why I am a Realtor; I want to provide the best service possible, for the best price. People should not get poor service at a high price.

A recent customer called me from his work. When I answered, he said; “You just made me $100 dollars!” I asked; “How did I do that?” He said that he bet his coworkers that I would answer the phone. He then stated; “Before I worked with you, I never would have made that bet”.